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About Us

Windsor Investment Funds LLP is an FSA registered Investment Advisor specializing in active fixed income strategies. The firm was founded with the goal of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns for institutional and high net worth investors worldwide, by integrating the highest industry standards on a smaller, more flexible platform.

Credit markets have experienced tremendous growth, yet they still operate with great inefficiency due to the highly complex investments and a fragmented investor base. Windsor Investment Funds LLP uses a bottom up approach to identify relative mispricings and/or value opportunities. Inefficient markets and the significant regulatory constraints many market participants face often aggravate cyclical pricing imbalances and provide opportunities for investors with specialized expertise and a long-term investment horizon.

Windsor does not hold client funds or assets and is not authorised to provide custodian services. All client portfolios are held in their own brokerage and custody accounts with Windsor authorised to effect investment transactions for them.
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