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Investment Process

At Windsor we take a two-pronged approach to fixed income investing, we utilize top down economic scenario forecasts with bottom up fundamental research.

We feel in the long-term, active management of fixed income portfolios generates consistent, superior returns. We utilize a disciplined investment process that takes advantage of changes in sector spreads, security valuations, interest rate trends, and yield curve dynamics. Our investment process relies on issue selection, sector rotation, managing duration and yield curve management with the goal of maximizing the capture of available incremental returns.

  • Issue selection - We apply fundamental credit analysis to screen and select investments we believe will enhance portfolio performance.
  • Sector rotation - The complexities and disparities of the bond market require specialization by sector. We select specific sectors by examining both market conditions and relative value of each sector in the bond market.
  • Manage duration - We manage interest rate sensitivity by matching as closely as possible the duration of the portfolio’s benchmark. We actively manage exposure to particular areas of the maturity curve to take advantage of relative value opportunities or to capitalize on an anticipated reshaping of the curve.
  • Yield curve management - The yield curve is managed through the maturities of the bonds we add to the portfolios. We have created specific trading strategies based on the constantly-changing shape of the yield curve. We believe that emphasizing yield, in a duration neutral format, can produce more predictable returns over time.
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